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Relocating For Your Dream Job

Indicating that you are willing to relocate can open up more career opportunities. If you are open to relocation, select the Geography section of your profile, and choose “Yes – Open to relo” in the first drop-down menu. Be sure to fill out this section completely,  to give employers the most accurate information about your relocation preferences.

Additionally, you can join the Road Warriors group within the Cleared Network, which was created for candidates who are ready to make a move.


Preventing Your Current Employer From Seeing Your Information

Easily make your profile anonymous by logging in to your account and editing your Registration Information. Locate the “Profile Anonymity” drop-down menu, and select “Contact Info Hidden” to hide your name and other personally identifiable information. Click “Save Profile” at the bottom of the screen to save your preference.


Updating Personal Contact Information

In order to update your contact information, navigate to the Contact Information section of your profile. Here, you can update your email, phone number, and preferences for live communication.


Changing Military Information

To change your military details, simply edit the Military Details section of your profile.  By clicking “Save Profile”, your information will be saved.


Status Updates

Get social by posting a status update. Keep employers up to date on what’s happening in your professional life through Status Updates. Here is where you can post about your latest career achievement, upcoming events, news articles, certification and degrees you’re working towards, or everyday life updates – even what’s on the menu for lunch today.


Benefits of a Personal Profile Photo

Research has shown that profile photos boost participation and increase credibility and trust on online platforms. The photo does not have to be a head shot, but it is important to remember potential employers will see the image. ClearanceJobs is a closed network, only available to authorized defense industry employers and cleared professionals. Your photo will never show up in a Google search – or anywhere else.


Phone Verification

Nothing is more frustrating than bad contact information. By verifying your phone number, you are showing employers you are serious about being contacted by them. Additionally, employers may be more inclined to give a candidate with a verified phone number a call over a candidate without a verified number, giving you a leg up. Phone verification is a great way to make your profile stand out.

How Phone Verification Works: Once you enter your phone number in the Contact Information portion of your profile,  click the “Verify” button. Our automated system will call the number and read a personal identification number (PIN) to you over the phone. Simply enter the PIN into your ClearanceJobs profile to finish the verification process. Your profile will update automatically to show that your phone number is verified.

Cost of Verification: Phone verification is $4.99 per phone number. The date of verification will be displayed next to your phone number. You may re-verify your phone number anytime.

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